Exotic flavors and traditions

We work with taste!

Our company is a family business created in 1999

Soitgar started as a family business and no matter it’s growth, family will always be the heart of how we treat our clients, suppliers and employees. We hope to keep on growing and with it also continue the growth of all the people who relate to it in someway.

Everything started long ago...

We value Latin flavors and traditions.

Flavor, smell, color, crunchiness, texture and presentation are some of the details we pay close attention to deliver a product worthy of comparison to the ones cooked at home by our grandmothers. Flavor is an intense sense that can bring us back to special moments, like eating dinner at home as a child.

We try our best to keep traditions and typical flavors alive, for all those who have left their hometown or have little time to dedicate to cooking.

Completely natural!

Our products do not contain preservatives or artificial additives.



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